look here , i did not fucking sign up for this shit, i don't get up every morning to listen to you as bullshit just spews from you mouth. i work to hard for the shit that i have , do you know how hard it is to be 15 and in your last year of high school? fuck no ,your too damn high to even focus in school. i study every damn waking moment to get a good education , and your damn stalking is NOT helping. all i ever fucking want is for you to just shut the hell up for once in your miserable life you lowlife cock sucking bastard. you do nothing, but follow me around and watch everything i do. but now your breaking into my house and leaving me notes?! stay the hell outta my house and outta my life i don't want your diseased ass around me you sleep with whatever sleazy hoe that comes your way. I'm a grown ass fucking woman and can sure as hell kick your skinny tweaking ass into next week next time you step foot on my property!