How does a guy get quarters? Gotta do the laundry,
vacuum the car, get a soda.
In the super market; even if I spend $50,I'll ask when
punching my debit and hitting $10 cash back( can I get
that in quarters)? I get a look from a clerk named
Sonny, like I'm wearing an I Love Nixon T shirt, and
get sent to another cashier that looks more managerial,
but can't come up with any quarters. Next stop ,the
unattended customer service counter. I wait long
enough for my milk to sour, when a dude with a white
shirt and no apron comes out of the back vault.
He's wearing a slight smile, thinking he's gonna sell
me an $8 pack of butts, but I waive my 10 spot and
say (The "Q" Word), please. He freezes up, squeezes
the knot of his skinny tie, exhales slowly, takes my
10 and punches a 28 digit pass code to get back in
the back room.
To pass the time, I'm looking at the store motto( Service
is our Middle Name) and the names of all the dept.
heads and their smiley faces. He finally emerges
with the treasured roll tightly clutched in his fist and
is jotting something down (serial # of the roll??) on
his clip board. I'm thinking is he waiting for my ID
or am I going to have to pry these friggin quarters
out of his hand. Instead he stares past me like he's
wondering if I've got any accomplices, taps the silver
on the counter with a rat tat tat and says come again
Clean clothes and soda pop, here I come.