I love you Duck Fuckers, I love all of you! But why, why is there that one person when you Duck fans sing out “Oooooo” who consistently extends his “Oooooo”, trying to bring all of you to harmony? Some of you are not singers. Some of you never took swimming in high school, and “Oooing” that long turns your face blue. Some of you know exactly what I’m talking about, which is explained to me by the look on your face, that expresses you’d give up your cheese sticks shoving them in their mouth just to get them to stop.

A ten second “Ooo” is plenty. If it’s a touchdown fine, extended it to 15 seconds. But when there’s a flag on a play, and that duck fan has "Ooo’d" so long that they’re the only one left "Oooing" because all of you have aborted mission containing pipes suitable for a choir, tell he/she to shut the fuck up. Those are your cheese sticks, you paid for them.