Please park your yapping punt dog in front of my bike while your dog has a nervous melt down and barks its ass at everybody. Thanks for guarding your precious zone so ferociously.

And What has happened to our parks? Oh thats right, every bit of green space has to be covered in your muddy shitty dog zones. I guess thats why we pay the big park bond taxes, so your dog can run free to harass all the little creatures. But why not stop at the trail head keep on going into town off leash? I see you let your dog be 'free' ie: charging runners, toddlers, birds and squirrels. What fun ye sayeth?

I'm a human breeder and I know that if I leave my kids diapers and shit everywhere I would get a knock knock from child protection services. Dont let your dog hide its shit under some leaves and walk away. Its hazardous you dumb fucks. I see you furrowing away with your precious poochie. Just keep your dog on a fucking leash and pick up its shit. Trick or Treat smell your feet, you may have dog shit on it.