You were backing your truck into your driveway with a trailer attached to it. You were blocking my lane and there was a lineup behind me. I patiently waited until it was clear and began to drive by. With your truck window down you blew up at me because you wanted to pull out into the street once again and straighten out, never mind that you were blocking traffic. Apparently the world yields to you and I am so stupid I did not know. There is something very upsetting about being screamed at and called names by a large and psychotic man who is out of control with anger. I do not really care to be spoken to in that way and I imagine that you, being an intimidating fucker, are used to getting away with pushing small women around, no? That is the impression I got from your girlfriend, who shrunk down in the seat next to you, not at all surprised by your behavior. How careless of you to be so disrespectful in front of your own home. I have been thinking of you and planning a special treat. Very soon you are going to experience an event in your front yard that would exceed even the greediest coprophagiac's wildest fantasy. I hope you like the color brown. Bon appetite you scary asshole !!!