Even though it has been six years since we last saw each other, I want to find you and make you explain why you did what you did to me and my sister when we were in HS together during the 2004-2005 year at Lincoln. You often harassed us, believing my sister and I to be a couple. Didn't you realize my sister had a boyfriend who wasn't me? What made you think that my sister and I were dating, you fucking shithead?

Don't remember me? We encountered each other in late 2009 at the Safeway in Downtown Portland. You addressed me using derogatory terms and then called my sister "a fat bitch." I wanted to take your shopping cart and run you over with it, but there were too many security cameras.

If you were sitting next to me right now, I would take the chair {that I just broke wind on very hard} and hit you on the head with it. I would type up a fake suicide note and staple it to your forehead. To this day, you still give me and my sister nightmares. I'll find you and ruin your reputation. I'll trick you into being the next Mary Kay Letourneau. Revenge is a dish best served psychologically. Go suck a dick, though I hope you rot in hell after your reputation is ruined.