You were jogging down North Kerby Avenue while I was sitting on my front porch. I had just witnessed a lost Daschund dog (with a collar and tag) wander past me a minute or so beforehand, frightened and unresponsive after I tried to call him/her over to me with no owner in sight. My son was taking his morning nap inside, so I couldn't abandon him and run off chasing the lost dog, like I so wanted to do. As I noticed you running down our block, I said hello to you (you said "hi" back) and as I began to tell you about a lost dog you may run into, you looked at me and gasped, "I don't have anything!" How you have the audacity to believe I was pan-handling on my front porch after I mention a "lost dog" is astounding! I was only hoping you'd let me finish, so that if you ran past this dog, you may be able to call the number on his tag to locate his owner. To the owners of a lost, brown Daschund: I saw your dog wandering past Jefferson High School. I hope he was not too far from home and either found his way back or that a concerned and caring citizen was able to locate you and bring him home safely. To the blonde bitch who likes to jog down my block: there is nothing you could EVER give me! I hope that the stick up your ass finally falls out on your next morning jog, so no one has to deal with your haughty attitude again!