I have purchased 2 pairs of boots from this local Portland boot maker, once at their factory location a couple years ago and last Sunday at the new store downtown Portland.

On Sunday, while shopping around the Pearl district, I visited the store and was convinced by the a bearded sales person to try on on a pair. I picked the some boots which I felt were half way between style and comfort. Placed the order and left happy with my purchase. No drama.

I decided to come again monday evening to purchase boot care / waterproofing product. $27... really? I asked for a discount:

"Would you be willing to give me a discount on those given that I am a returning customer?".

The bearded sales guy starts ringing me up, the supervisor interjects while eating his sandwich, mouth half full:

"Not just because you asked!".

While I am prepared for a polite decline when asking for discounts/freebies, I dropped $200+ on your products, I felt insulted when he addressed me like I am his bro.

I left the store without purchasing the boot care products.

Clearly if I can buy $200 shoes, I can pay for the $27 too. The tone and delivery of this guy was not okay. I wondered if he might have prejudices towards persons who "look like me", somehow mentally built this idea that these shoes, that store, this bourgeois logger lifestyle isn't for me, whatever it is, licensed himself to direspect me and talk to me that way.

I came back the next morning to return the shoes a [EXCEEDED WORD COUNT]