Coming up shortly on my 6 year anniversary here, and seriously, the culture here is fucked. Every time I have a project, I step in piles of shit left by co-workers and previous employees who DID NOT FUCKING DO THEIR JOB! The jsut stick a band aid on it It isn't even one person, it is the whole fucking department. Why the fuck can't people follow though on the shit they are suppose to do instead of leaving shit bombs that fuck shit up? And why is no one ever held accountable? For fuck sake, on of the main managers is so incompetent, new employees usually ask in the first week why the guy hasn't been fired. None of us fucking know either! If you fuck shit up, you get promoted. I don't even get my review and raise at the same time (and that just further enhances the lack of connection between your work and your raise).

But you know what, I don't have that many job prospects that do not require me to either relocate, work 80 hour weeks, or travel to fucking shitty industrial slums in foreign countries. I have figured out a few years ago you can mail it the fuck in and still get the same raise, so why over perform? So I will work my 40 hour week, not really give a fuck, and hope that the soul crushing mediocrity of this organization does not turn me into someone that just does the bare minimum to get by and then leaves piles of shit everywhere for others to step in.