I've been stuck by a half-dozen vehicles (all hit-and-runs), right-hooked at least four times, and doored twice. I ride like everyone is trying to kill me and I still get hurt. Broken bones, concussions, torn ligaments, abrasions...every one of these injuries was cause by a driver either not paying attention,being impatient, being aggressive, playing with their phone, or some combination of all five.

I don't drive that often ( I don't have to 99% of the time), but when I do I make damn sure to devote 100% of my attention to the task at hand. As well I should. I am behind the wheel of a moving, multi-ton weapon, for all intents and purposes. I know first-hand what happens when someone chooses to take their driving responsibilities less-than-seriously. The law might say it's fine to hit and kill cyclists (they all but condone the practice by refusing to prosecute - let alone ticket - drivers when they do), but I for one refuse to remain polite in a society that is ok with treating a dead cyclist as no better than road kill.

So in conclusion: The next driver who chooses to endanger my life through their inattention or willful belligerence I will return the favor.

Your move, dickheads.