My title already rankles the ire of the younger and quicker and impatient. That's okay, your turn will come to slow down, get confused and get belittled.
Seniors today were kids during the depression, teens, young soldiers, sailors, pilots, nurses, riveters, lovers and loved ones back home during the War.
How about giving them a break if they fiddle with their wallets in the shopping line too long, put their brakes on too often, make a politically incorrect statement on occasion, and oh yes, aren't as electronically adept as their know-it-all juniors.
I saw an 100 year old lady fascinated and flying through an I-tablet birthday present. I saw an 107 year old Iwo Jima vet on his way to pick up his 90 year old lady friend (cradle robber) to drive her to Church. I also saw an 88 year old maniac who shot and killed a good police officer with a loving young family.
I'm 67, but I have been treated by lots of younger folks kindly and with respect and by others not too well.
This Holiday season let's follow the lead of the good ones young and old.