I'm aware we all have different phones, (carried communications devices) and we use them differently, each of us. I'm curious about leaving messages. Most of the time my cellphone is off and my landline is off the hook. I'm literally saving you time when my phone is off, it goes straight to VM, you need not wait 5 rings to realize I'm not there/in the shower/ experiencing orgasms/ wielding in a hole/ performing a surgical procedure. My complaint is that when I get my messages- someone obviously waited to hear my outgoing message, realized its me, had something to say originally, then click. Left no message. Funny, that. Did everybody suddenly forget that leaving a message would be a great way to let the person know whats going on? My favorite is: "Hey, I gotta talk to you about something!" I work nights, I'm getting that message at 3 A.M., I can't help you with whatever it is until 5 more hours, at least give a clue. How in our culture did using these devices lead you to believe that you could catch the intended person live each and every call? If you are driving on the phone you get a ticket, if you're at work you are wasting your employers' time. Also, if you don't leave your callback number I gotta turn on the phone, punch through the messages you didn't leave, go to "previous caller history", try and find your number, then, what, call you back at 3 A.M.? Fuck Ya. Thanks to you I hate the phone. Its a waste of time talking to people anyway.