How Phones Work... Or Not


You're sharing my page I/A. Outside of being able to call AAA
from where your car broke down or call the police about a
crime in progress, they're really just mini-pinball machines.
We never answer a call on our land line without hearing the
screen. They're mostly just insurance agents or first alert
device salespeople. Thank God for call block and the National
No Call list.
You actually still use your phone to TALK?

What barn did you grow up in?
It reminds me of that Bill Maher bit where we're a nation that communicates via voicemails, and how it's actually rude to answer when someone is calling. "How awkward, you mean I actually have to talk to you now?"

I'm sure if what they had to say was important they'd leave a message. Otherwise they probably just wanted to chitchat. Weird you're so heated about this.
Yeah, sometimes people call just to see how you're doing. Or maybe they want to invite you to something happening immediately or in the near future.

Then again, I resent anyone that doesn't just text anyway.
If a voicemail is over ten seconds it should be an email. If it has that much actual information to convey write it down so it is succesfully communicated. Dont need to hear your voice anyway, it annoys me.
I use voicemail to leave a coded set of long and short beeps in morse code.
I never leave msgs. I can't stand waiting for that dumbass operator to tell me how to successfully press # when I'm through or how to leave my callback number, etc. I think after 20 years of voicemail, I get the concept.