Stay Off eBay, Grumpy Geriatrics


A-Fucking-Man. People are ridiculous.
Geriatrics are the worst customers. They're often cheap, usually dense, always slow. It rarely occurs to them to read the product description. Then they receive their order and call in angry about not getting what they expected and demand a refund of their shipping and a call tag pickup because they claim to be unable to get their return package with the pre-paid return label to a drop-off point. It's okay to be old and feeble, but please take a couple of minutes out of your unbusy day to read about what you're buying and the company's ordering and returning procedures. Then take another minute to make an informed decision about whether this is a transaction you're capable of carrying out. If you think you're up to the task, try to remember that you'll need to pay for your order and rummage around your house for your "billfold" before picking up the phone to order.
No dude you got played heh heh.
Let me explain it to you. The time you wasted having your shoes off the ebay market is free time for competing sellers to have their shoes ON the market. Yes I said competing sellers = your buyer (aliased ebay account) of course.
So while you and the other "sellers" were dicking around with pay pal and fed ex gramps had cornered the market with his own boots and was able to get a better selling price.
Old people do not fuck around when it comes to cloaking and return policies.
Hope you learned something. Have a nice day.
^ What hot air you blow. A competing seller would do all they can to leave negative feedback for a competitor, not hold onto a pair of shoes for a whole week, knowing full well they'll just be put back up online once the seller receives them again. That's a whole lot of effort for zilch.
Did someone mention eBay? eBay Inc. is demonstrably the greatest calculated facilitator of auction fraud on consumers that the world is ever likely to know ...
The ugly reality of eBay Inc.:
eBay's crooked auctions marketplace ...
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eBay is an electronic gizmo that's fun to partake of. Nothing
is without cost however. Now, Vintage that's a good scam.
Wear or use something for a spell or longer then brush it up
snap a glossy picture of it and "bang" get more than you paid
for it later. I have pretty good luck starching up my
under ware and throwing it back into the marketplace.
One real vintage pair I sold financed a trip to Vegas for me
and my wife.
I bet your ass is from the Midwest you bitchy, ungrateful, ageist turdwaffle! No refunds on your fucking manners.
If the scuffs were not clearly visible in the photos, then they have a legitimate beef with you.
I haven't bought shoes or boots before that are pre-scuffed.
Sounds foolish.