Yeah, i was drunk walking home from closing the bar,and yeah i wanted another drink.So when i saw you guys openly drinking from a 12 pack of Pabst in the 7-11 parking lot with yr tough leather jackets,i thought,hey, maybe i can bum a traveler for the way home,these guys don;t look like they give fuck.but i decided nah fuck it,it ain't worth the trouble.Then one of you tough hardcore Pabst drinkin' tards had to pull the come at me bro card...from across the street?yelling YOU GOT BEEF?...stunned,i really couldn't believe what i had just heard.First who pops shit from across the street.2nd,who say's "you got beef".nice flipped brim you got there tough guy.Buncha West Coast pussy's hangin' them beer muscles were flowin' hard there huh?