As holiday consumerism kicks into high gear, something needs to be cleared up for those who will be parking at any point in time. "Loading Zone" doesn't mean "Disregard this sign: Park anywhere you want." It also doesn't translate to "I am just running in for a coffee/ sandwich/ small grocery list" (Looking at you, NE 15th & Broadway). Have you made the connection why an item is out of stock or your food/ drink thing isn't available? It's because your dumb ass is parked in the loading zone while the delivery driver has to circle the block looking for an open spot, and end up missing the receiving deadline. Kudos to the drivers who just park in the middle of the street blocking an entire lane of traffic. That's due to your dumb ass parked in the loading zone, too. "I'll just be 5 minutes" isn't a valid reason for illegal parking. You are the reason why parking enforcement is on speed dial. You are the reason a semi is blocking in five cars. Be aware of your surroundings. Learn to read a fucking sign, I know you fools can read. If you are illiterate, well, you won't be reading this anyway, so fuck you, and stop illegally parking in the loading zones!