You, sitting at my bar, waving your wallet, trying to make eye contact— yeah you. I see you, cell phone pressed against your cheek, yet I am going to ignore you and not close out your tab. Why? Because what you are doing is RUDE. I understand that cell phones are commonplace and our etiquette around them has changed—however, it will ALWAYS be rude to talk on your phone while seated at the bar.

Not only is it annoying to other customers, it's distracting to your bartender. Have a little respect for the people who scrub the puke off of bar stools and make sure your glass is clean. If you MUST be on your phone, at least put it down for five seconds while we take your order or cash you out. And also, don't wave your wallet at me. That will add another five minutes to your wait while I help customers who have manners.