It takes balls of enormous enormity to message someone who is not your friend on FB, and criticize them for loving to post about sex, and being in love. I’m sorry that our mutual friend always likes my posts and it shows up on your home page, maybe you should talk to her. Or maybe you should take the time to read the posts that she has provided you because she liked them, and sometimes shares them.
You’ve expressed in your message that you’re a married women with integrity, with two children, and you prefer for YOU and them not to see these things so you thought messaging the root of the cause (me) would fix it. You also expressed that women of our age with kids should not read such material because it could corrupt the way we raise our children. Hold the fucking door open Virgin Mary, do you remember how your kids were invented? One, My son isn’t standing over my shoulder when mommy finds a big girl post to share about how swollen nipples can create a more intense orgasm. And two, I didn’t personally tell you to click on a link that says “9 ways to help your husband’s erection stay erect during the holidays” with your kids right there.
Matthew 25:1-7, I get it. You’re that wife. But, do you really feel it is necessary to message a stranger lady before messaging your friend to ask her to stop? Maybe you need to bake something wearing VS that encourages a Christmas hard-on. But if not, if that’s not what you do, I wish you well in your asexual matrimony. Don't message me!