So you're finally old enough to play in bars when it's nighttime, but you only allowed for interactions prearranged through social networking services? Don't worry, us strangers are here to help. You see, you and your girlfriend may not have a turn all to yourselves because pool tables in a bar work on a system of merit, a concept many of you pudgy millennial snowflakes seem to have yet encountered. Said system works like this: The person who won the last game keeps playing, so a good player may hold the table for any number of games. Anyone may challenge this victor by joining a queue listed as names on a chalkboard or marked with sets of quarters on the table (Please note: DO NOT put quarters on top of the table's rail; quarters belong stacked on the felt under the bank over the ball-drop lever), though one cannot be in this queue while concurrently playing. Simple, right? There's more to it, of course, but if you encounter an issue beyond these basics, just ask, because there are a lot of things we've figured out long before you got here and these enduring guidelines prevent someone from having to break that pouty little foot of yours if you keep stomping it.