Watch less porn and quit visiting bikeportland. More and more, I am troubled by the effects porn might have on me and the actors availing themselves to me. But I like porn, so completely giving it up is out of the question. Now, bikeportland, I got to stop. I bike, a lot, everyday, in SE. Here goes... It is a stop sign it means stop, there I said it. Those people are pedestrians entering a cross walk, stop for them. If you ride through a stop sign and get hit by a bike or car, please do not blame the other party or the city for your poor decision making. If you ride your bike into a legally parked bus, please do not blame the bus. If you get a ticket for running a stop sign in Ladds, your first response should not be "but cars kill people." None of the above (excluding the porn stuff) truisms seems obvious to the staff at or general audience of bikeportland. Therefore, I resolve to quit them.