There was a guy trying to sell a few items (lighters, pens, his shoes, etc) on the corner of 52nd/SE Powell. The guy said he needed money to buy food, (he wanted tacos from Taco Bell, which is right there). I didn't have cash but I told him I'd run through the drive thru for him. As I'm waving the guy over to give him his food, cops arrive. Someone called the cops on him! Cop said the complaint was the man was disrupting traffic and harassing drivers. This kind of broke my heart. I tried to explain to the cops my participation in the matter - I was dismissed. My advice, specifically for this part of town, just buy the dude some freakin' food and don't call the cops. The guy was down on his luck, possibly homeless. He was not harassing anyone. He was not disrupting traffic. If you don't want to give him cash - LET HIM HAVE TACOS!!