You, sir, are a liar.
You are not a pastor, not a teacher, not a prophet.
You are a child molester.
That is the truth.
Your first wife left you because you molested her niece. Your current wife never sees her grandchildren because you molested her daughter. You molested your sister's daughter, my friends, my sister, and myself. I'm sure that the silent denial you all live with is comfortable. I'm sure you think yourself terribly clever calling so many little girls liars and convincing those few dozen sad individuals in your "church" to do the same. My favorite was when you changed the name of said "church". Hats off to you, that is a perfect way to change the past.
But let's cut the bullshit.
You know the truth.
It is heartbreakingly sad that our justice system is so dysfunctional and has failed so miserably to take action. The truth is that you took so much from me and the others. Is there anyway to adequately repay the favor? I have dwelled on that question for years. The answer is no.
Maybe, however, I can gift a little empowerment to myself though. Maybe, I can use outlets, such as this, to tell the truth about you to whoever will listen. Maybe, while it won't come close to what you deserve, it will make you uncomfortable. Maybe it will help.