Hey, all you young people: Have you been enjoying the 400 miles of bike paths around here? Been breastfeeding in public lately? Been smoking weed to help your nausea from chemo? Or maybe you been kissing on the same sex and thinking of marriage. Guess what? All those things took a lot of fucking work. Courageous people worked their asses off so we could live happily and free from bullshit. Ok, now guess what? (You might want to put your latte down for this.) It’s your turn to get shit done. There’s a butt-load of potential suffering coming down the pike… (NSA spying, global warming, corruption in our financial institutions, the new American feudalism, Fukishima poisoning our beloved Pacific, etc.) So, now is the time to create, organize, challenge, and stick your neck out for the things that make life worth living. It really is your turn. But don’t worry, whatever fight you pick you can still dress smart, get your drink on, meet the love of your life, and savor community wherever you may find it! Oh, and if you should not know what to do, remember that making something beautiful in the ugliest of times can be the greatest protest. Thank you, in advance.