You called him up to meet you at our place to have you move some stuff into storage. He showed up on time. You were like 2 hours late.
We chatted for like an hour then we shared a 40. He was looking way hot and it was on... I gave him a bj. I explained what a 40 was\is. That was cute.
We went to my room and he fucked me like a animal. Hard fucking and then we went to my fathers place for a late breakfast.
Some foostsies later, he fucked me again (on your bed) whilst waiting for your grand arrival., he is damn good and I am looking forward to the next session with him. Did you know he was high ranking military officer during Vietnam? Of course you didn't. He builds bird houses now and has a room for rent....guess who's going to scoop that one up? Yer new gramma !

[Editor's Note: There will be no part three.]