This is what I want to say to the Hot lady in Pink at the Hawthorne ceramic workshop, daydream landscapes await us. I am sure you remember me, by the way I opened your door and we talked about our love for traveling. Your smile of an angel convinced me, so we can only make the getaway that will mean the world to us. You deserve it after the love fall out that you talked to me about that you had in your last country where you lived. We can have it all. Tell your girlfriend that she can go on like she wanted and find the buckaroo by herself she can't sway me with her bright lights and magazine cover style poses. I know a real thing when I see it. We clashed so hard, opposites attract, so let's submerge in the green and blue oceans like we fancied too let me show you there how endless this will be. Like your favorite novelist always used to say: Is now or never. You'll even be in my dreams if you want me badly. Like a flamboyant dream that never ends, it's always with you. We don't have to come back "home". All or nothing, and now. Text me with the magical words and I'll be there in a heartbeat with a spot on to dine with you.