Some restaurants/bars have great service, some is sub par, and occasionally you go somewhere and it just sucks. I'm intrigued though that you went out of your way to create a yelp account simply so you could post a single review for a restaurant you recently visited. It was the longest, most scathing, not to mention the meanest review the likes of Yelp has seen in a while. So your experience must have been traumatizing. Let me read it again. Oh, I guess nobody insulted you, ruined your food, made a devastating racial slur or slapped you in the face. It was because the staff didn't change the TV station to your requested sports game. Dude that sucks. You said you got angry and left before the game even started so I'm glad you didn't miss anything. Well hey, your two cents is always appreciated so a business can grow and succeed in the ways of improvable service. Maybe your comments will get one of those idiot staff members fired. Based on your comments they all seem way below normal intelligence and probably lacking the proper motor skills to operate a remote control. And maybe after a few hard months of unemployment they'll be working at another restaurant and you'll come in. Let's hope they drop everything they're busy with when they recognize your face if they want to keep their job. Thanks for keeping these morons who can' t find a "real job" in check. With a few months of therapy, you can move on from your traumatic experience and live again. Sports bars also exist btw.