Am I the only one in this town who thinks that those "Save Us From Dirty Coal, Kitzhaber!" signs around town are absolutely pathetic? Save yourselves, you pussies! And if you really hate "dirty coal" (which I doubt you could define), do you think this constitutes actual effective political action? The governor is gonna be driving in Ladd's Addition and say, "Hey, you know, I have no authority to stop interstate commerce, but I'm sure gonna try now! I WILL save you, little people!"

Same folks who have Obama signs and stickers with the "O" made into a peace symbol (ignorant of drones bombing brown people's weddings in the third world and expansion of the NSA and bombing Libya with shitloads of collateral damage). Maybe those awful teabagger types are right about liberals and the nanny state.

And another thing, before one of you parrots tell me the word "pussy" is demeaning to woman, try picking up an unabridged dictionary and see what the etymology of the word actually is. Yeah, Dan Savage isn't always right.

That's all.