I've become pretty prolific at riding tri-met over the past 4 years. I rather enjoy it compared to driving. But there are several people that I see over and over again that make me want to carve my eyes out. I don't know what the difference would necessarily be between someone who stresses me out just from the vision of them, or one who puts me at ease.

I don't know you. You could be a really nice human being. I'm sure we could party hard in a bar one night, or have fun bowling because I'm usually a friendly and nice person. It has nothing to do with your ethnicity, or appearance, or fashion. There are no judgments being passed.

I just can't stand seeing you on the bus. Something about your eyes, the way they look at people, or me. I just look in your eyes, and say it must be dead in that brain of yours.

Not only do I have to contend with people clipping their nails, or brushing their hair, or scratching their head in front of me, like they are digging for gold. Or hearing a loud person's story through the sound of my Ipod, or some lazy shit with their nasty shoes on the seat, or obnoxious teens with no manners for seniors. A whole classroom getting on the bus, or a man squishing me in the seat. Keep moving closer, I cannot possibly make more room for you. I have to be in prison with you.

It's public spaces, sure. Is it possible to hate someone you don't even know?