A certain local free publication which is already in the dog house for their terrible crosswords and lack of anonymous ranting also happens to have a complete joke of a "street style" column. It was always a weak column, which makes sense as most fashion in Portland is at least 5 years out of date but still being rehashed, but seriously, if you can't find a weekly theme better than athletic wear (the column is always series of bad candids, but come on, shooting strangers while they're sweaty and trying to get in a jog before work?? 'The fuck is that?) and people with umbrellas, maybe you should just give up on having a theme. Given that you started out with themes like "flannel shirts" and "boots", it's really not surprising that you're already completely out of ideas.

You're clearly not trend spotters, so stop trying to be! Just find people in cute outfits and take photos. It works for Urban Weeds. Another lesson that you could take from Urban Weeds: if you have zero good material, just don't post. You have now scraped through the bottom of the barrel and are serving up the dirt that you found underneath. Please, I beg you, stop.