Did you catch the sarcasm? Thanks for handling an adult situation like a 5 year old. At first, I laughed off your pathetic and childish behavior. But as you descended into a self-imposed psychosis which led to increasingly erratic, aggressive, and ultimately threatening behavior; I began to feel sorry for you. I can't imagine what it must be like to be a fetus trapped in 25yr old body. Forced to endure this cold and unforgiving world, when all you need is a hug, or more likely, heavy medication.

Don't worry though, I have a tiny shred of faith in you. Adulthood may attainable just yet.. Soon you'll realize why I was itching to get the fuck out. Looking after Portland toddlers, like yourself, can be exhausting and exasperating. Unfortunately for your new roommates, they'll likely get to know the real you. An immature, spiteful, and mentally unbalanced wannabe bully.

BTW, you stare downs hardly caused the intimidation you secretly longed for. Your war face doesn't scare me, work on it. Thicken that skin a bit buddy boy, this world will certainly provide you far more painful and challenging circumstances during the course of your lifetime.

Oh, and you clearly exhibit classic sociopathic behavior. You must be proud.