I may have crossed that street with my head in the clouds. I may have had something deep going on in my mind. I don't remember if it was quite a "jaywalk," or the walk sign was just about to change. I didn't have headphones on. I was in a crosswalk, whatever that warrants these days, and means for each different person. The law is the law, but when you're in the moment, there is no law. It's all ego. I'm also a considerably observant, instinctive, practical, and conscientious walker.

So when you go yelling out your window, "get your head out of your ass," and then start to speed up, and swerve just a little towards me, consider this question, "do you really want to run someone over?" Do you really want to hit someone, and of course, worst yet, kill someone? It happens all the time too, I know from personal experience.

Could you live with yourself? Think about it, you dumbass numbskull!