I used to worry when Yelpers like you would complain about my restaurant. I didn't want to get fired. I know I'm good at what I do but hey, you can't please everyone. On that note, I'd like to say that the majority of you Yelping types have completely lost your proverbial "marbles". It seems as if Yelp has become a forum to bitch about any slight and usually unavoidable detail in your dining experience that you did not find pitch perfect. The place was too warm so you had to take your cardigan off, they weren't willing to change the TV channel so you could watch your hometown sports team, they tried to pull your drink and asked you to leave by 2:30 am even through you weren't raging drunk and smashing glasses. As a member of the service industry, I still believe the customer is always right. However, you are just being a turd! Feedback is always important to improve the weaknesses of a business. I get it. But remember, your pitiful rant only invalidates the point of the website as a whole and its purpose. I used to worry, but now whenever I need a good hearty laugh, I'll just check out Yelp and read one of your outrageous reviews. I might even read it out loud to my friends/coworkers in some cartoonish voice. Because of you, it's all one big joke.