Three times I interviewed to get a job at a place and every time I walked away feeling like shit about myself. But I now find myself with a job at another place that is not only your competition but a place everyone wishes they could work there who is at your company. No longer do I have I have to deal with cover letters explaining about my favorite book or if I own a Foosball table. I don’t have to offer up free labor just to get experience, even though you company’s website brags about how you want your employees to constantly learn new things. I don’t have to be told by people at your company how I don’t have enough experience for the job even though LinkedIn proves they have less than I did when they started the job. No more 2 hours interviews where you only care about the times I failed at a job and penalize me when I tell the truth (even though it was something that happened 6 years ago). I hope you enjoy working with someone who is good at lying; also one of the people on the interview panel is seen as a complete joke at their last job by a bunch of people who work for the city.