A quick list of do's and don't.

1.)Say how you always wanted to date/fuck an asian girl because I'm not an item on your bucket list.
2.)Tell me a story about how you dated a black girl once in middle school. Yeah, I understand how you are trying to "subtlety," tell me you are down with the brown, but it's not working.
3.) Ask me where I'm from because I will say, "Arizona," and if you follow up with asking where my parents are from I will say, "Arizona," again.
4.) Say, "Ni hao." Wrong move weaboo!
5.) Never ever ask, "what are you..." Do I really have to explain this one?!

1.) Treat me with respect like any other person regardless of race. You don't have to call me, "exotic," or some other bullshit word that points out the difference between us. "Cute," works just fine! ^_^