So You Want to Hit on that Cute Asian!


"Orientals" all look the same!
Ah- how much for suckey fuckey ting ting?
...go back to my dojo and watch Hello Kitty manga?
These tips are wasted on me, as I won't date anyone from Arizona.
since you brought it up, why do you all drive like you just had lasik surgery 5 minutes ago?
Fact: every guy who chases asian women has a 4" pee nee
Whaaaaa, you no wahn brehfasss?!?!?
I totally meant that in the most inoffensive and non-racist way possible, my lucky dragon number seven spring butterfly.
I'Anon, you know that everybody feels this way when it comes to ethnic remarks. People can be such jerks, and it is great that you know when they are teasing.

In this case, I say keep your humor and don't ever give it up to creeps that come on to you this way. You must know this anyway; but I bet you are adorable or they would not be so hideous. Sister to sister,though I'm not Asian, cute,or from Arizona--Happy Valentines day Friday!!!!!!!!!
way to hit on the cute asian girl seentomuch
Oh I get it! You're all racist! Haha, good ones, commenters!
Aestro, racism is pretty much just sarcasm 2.0
No, racism is just racism.
^^Yes. And sarcasm is sarcasm.

The hair is now plural.
^I'm right your wrong-Saracasm is a form of bullying. If you think it is funny, you most have lived a sheltered life. Your move! It is called RACISM----
I'm "oriental" and it doesn't bother me one tiny bit.
Sarcasm is Racism is Bullying. Check.
Sarcasm hurts me more than racism.

Apparently, race is still a touchy subject in 2014. I've seen too many funny comics bash their own race. It may be true because the stereotype has made it that way, but they also don't take themselves seriously. And it is funny stuff when you can make fun of yourself, even if it is your identity. The best jokes are ones made about yourself.

I don't know who I am.
Sarcasm is wit and cleverness. True racism is ignorance. Bullies are people who use their "power" because they think they can push people around. They are all different.
*makes incredulous comments on the incredulousness of racism still existing while begging to be able to make racist jokes*
Bullys usually need support from other people to make weird remarks, be it sexual orientation, race, religion etc. Maybe I think sarcasm used to humiliate anyone is like gang violence. Seldom do the perpetrators act alone.

I know it is fine to laugh at comics who make fun of their own self. I hope the people who think others are strong enough to take the racist crap,religious crap and the like, realize they need support of other throw backs to have a podium.

I'Anon may have been joking, but she may not have been.
I have ranted enough I know, but this is such a place I want to express my view. Happy Valentines day tomorrow to all the commentators, even if we do not agree.
Xanax Time.
"Sarcasm is a form of bullying."

Jesus Christ, way to paddle your canoe down the Hurt-Feelings River. If you are trying that hard to be offended, then you are trying TOO HARD to be offended.
What if I like the cute asian because she is the most incredible, successful, powerful, athletic, intelligent one of the bunch and she just happens to be asian. What if I really want to speak mandarin to her or find out she's from arizona and her parents are too. What if I am just making conversation with someone I like, and I am not very good at conversing or making small talk? What if I am looking for a Fire Tiger to go with my Fire Dragon self.

Oh and I'm not wishing happy valentines day because it clearly will not be,
Sarcasm vs Racism vs Bullying aside, can we agree the insulting comments about her ethnicity are just asshole-ish.
lahar legar, maybe this-

the I,A brought up her ethnicity not just as an aside (in that case referencing it would be 100% assholish) but as the main tenet of her rant: would be suitors always reference her ethnicity.

So if you have been around here at all you know what happens is the I,A gets their rants thrown right back at them. If they rant about cheese, guess what they get numerous references to cheese. No quarters are given on account of race, creed or shoe size.
It's right there on the door...
Portland might be the White Guilt capital of the world. On that note...

Bullying isn't cool. Bullying is lame.
Bullying is ugly and has a stupid name.
For a healthy world, bullying's unfit.
And I think I know what we should do to i-it.
Do do do do do to i-it.

Let's all get together and make bullying kill itself.
Bullying's an ugly thing
Let's shove its face in the dirt and make bullying kill itself.
Woah-oh. Woah-oh. Woah-oh.

Boy you like my body. Set the mood, let's play!
You can touch me anywhere except for my vajayjay.

We can make it stop. We can stomp it out.
We can beat its ass until it starts to cry.
Let's gang up on it and tell it it smells
And beat its ass worse if it ever te-lls.
If if if it ever te-lls.

Lets all join together to try to make bullying kill itself.
It'll be fun to see just how bad we can make it feel
and make bullying kill itself.
Woah-oh. Woah-oh. Woah-oh.

My heart says ye-es (ye-es ye-es)
But my vajayjay says no-o

Trapped inside the darkness of my mind.
I try to break free. The words are so unkind.
In all seriousness I don't think seriously being serious will make you seriouser.
Always good to remember that "Oriental" refers to THINGS e g. Vases, rugs, furniture, whereas "Asian" refers to PEOPLE
^^ ok then but what the sam hill is a "celestial"?
As my wife is asian, I can only say "Be careful what you wish for".
Oh, sorry dear.
The comments sticking up for the lady are great and give me hope that there are a few warm hearts in our cyber club banquet here at the Merc. The tacky wacky crude snide'rs should all sit at the little table and crack each other up until bedtime. The lawyers defending the little bigots should have their place mats taken away and thrown in the trash.
Where do you suppose that "What in Sam Hill were you thinking?" etc, came from?
The Sam Hill down the gorge who tried to establish his own community, only to fail?
I've often wondered this....
Sometimes I ask asians if I can touch their hair, just to mix things up.
Most Asians look like Mexicans to me.
Well this is a new low. Racism is hilarious, right guys? Typical bullshit portland "humor". You are not funny, fucking clowns
"Racism" is only allowed if you are part of that race, or if you can argue the point that because you know them so well, you are allowed to tread these sacred paths.
You are presumed guilty if you are white, regardless of context.
I've been called "nigger" by 2 different black girls before, but shame on me if I ever wanted to use the word in any context - even if talking of John Lennons song "Woman is the Nigger of the World" for example. And I've dated and befriended many other black girls too.
I don't speak the word ever...for fear of being mis-labled, but one must question the power we give this word, and also note how the gay community (which in itself is rather strange to think how the word 'gay' has evolved over time) has turned the expression 'queer', etc, or the rainbow image from one of derision to something of pride.
They figured this shit out pretty quick - how really, words are all bullshit anyway.
frankieb i've been saying this for years- us liberals ought to embrace the "libtard" label and just go with it.
I'm a raisonist. I only eat the golden sun-drieds.
Wait, I thought I was reading the Portland Mercury Forum? When did it turn into a breeding ground the for A Voice For Men fedora crowd?