She yelled out the window of her black, tinted hummer, "Use the crosswalk!"

As if I had not heard that one before, "Shut up," I yelled back and immediately regretted wasting an emotion of this scene.

I know I'm not in a crosswalk. There is a reason I'm not in a crosswalk. When it's raining, and your bus is about 1 minute away, a frenzy takes over. I know that's sad, but it's true. So I'm not fucking proper. So I didn't use the crosswalk. Unless you are going to write me a citation, keep your comment to yourself, and take it home with you while you look at your miserable existence in the mirror.

But what would this lady know about walking, especially after judging the fatness around her. What would she know about public transportation. She probably has no clue which direction is north or south, and couldn't travel from point A to B without losing her lipstick or phone.

I wonder what she would do when a car cuts her off. Or doesn't signal in front of her. In very many ways, I'm glad I don't drive. The rage and frenzy drivers have. Not only do drivers hate other drivers, they hate bicyclist, and pedestrians too.

Not to mention she was stuck at a light behind 15 cars deep in rush hour traffic.