We have spoken probably no more than a total of 30 minutes the entire time of 3-4 years. That is 29 minutes too many.

1st, when you interrupt me, it is a little disrespectful. You don't know how to listen. People that can't listen are not communicating. You only want to hear yourself. And I don't know for sure because I'm not your brain, but you probably already have what you want to say, while you are seemingly listening to me, already coming out, which is why you interrupt me.
2nd, I know you think what you have to say is the most intelligent and most righteous. It is not.
3rd, when you tell me you were upset because the city had your street blocked for regular and practical maintenance, so you had to walk a few blocks to get to your house, all I could think of was, "lord almighty, get me out of here."
4th, and because you are old, and you have attained wisdom that young people don't know what a daily grind is like.

Let's just say hello, and keep the office talk to that.