Respecting the "historic" neighborhoods and antique culture of Portland is something that gets your gears going. Making sure we try to fight gentrification, wanting things to be authentic, creating room for them working class folk, lamenting the poor sad destruction of John's Landing or Williams street culture. We put tiny signs up letting randos on the street know that such and such lived here, as if looking at Instagram got boring and a pole had better entertainment. If you all wanna be truly authentic and respectful, can you start saying everything is one large historic American Indian neighborhood? EVERYTHING. The whole country. Just get a big red stamp and wild out with it. The Chinook have been here for centuries, whaddaya mean by "Old Town"? Cross out your founding father from that commemorative plaque, fuck that guy. You old tymey honkies wearing pennyferthings and turn-of-the-century haircuts are double awful, you sell coffee with an iPad not beaver pelts and my elder's scalp out of a wagon. No more Trader Joe's because it ruins the "history"? Pretty sure this city simply existing did that already.