I just watched the movie SpringBreakers, and I'm a bit of a nerd for creative processes so I watched the behind the scenes footage.

In it, Selena Gomez talked about how there was a day where she had a nervous breakdown because so many of her young fans, and paparazzi where watching the filming, and she didn't want her young fans to know what the movie was about. Of course she played an angel in the movie, and rarely was on film doing anything remotely scandalous.

Young people already know what's going on. It's on TV, in magazines, and the internet. They are already swearing, drinking, and experimenting with drugs, and fucking too at a very young age. They can also just watch the trailer to the movie on the internet. Who is she kidding? Who is she trying to fool with her angelic role model behavior?

More over, if you google her, there are images of her and her cool ass boyfriend bieber making out, or her legs wrapped around him in some little swimsuit. As if Selena doesn't like to be hugged, kissed, and screwed.

If anything that movie promotes love and sex, and those are good things.

I wonder what she thinks of bieber now, after his arrest, and I guess the biebs is throwing shots back at her because she is the real drunk of a party.

This consumed too much of my time.

I say get naked, and make love.