Hey there runner and walker folks, its great that we share low car streets where the city has prioritized non-motorized vehicle travel, isn't it?

Actually, no, its fucking not. Not when you are in the middle of the street and jog two abreast or labor behind a double stroller while your dog tests the limits of its extend-o leash and you expect people on bikes to veer out of your way. You do no have the right of way on roads unless you are crossing the road in a crosswalk.

If we (people on bikes, in cars, on foot) all obeyed the basic rules of the road, traffic fatalities and frustrations would be near zero and we'd likely be living in a utopia wiping our poop with the three seashells.

But, if your going to ignore those basic rules, at least have the common courtesy to step to the side while folks with the actual right of way pass.