So you're angry that we have products that were made in China. This isn't the first time we've heard from your social cause fandom, but let's be clear: we never claimed that our catalog was 100% US made. Our custom products are, but many of our suppliers are still manufacturing in China, and you buy their shit because you like the price point that you can only get by manufacturing overseas. We make this info clear online, so it's a bit mystifying that you don't check it before purchasing the cheapest items we offer, if it means so much to you.

But that's not really the thing that annoys me. What annoys me is...... where was you computer manufactured? No, not assembled, manufactured. Or your smart phone, whatever you're currently using to email us, it was made in China. Look into THOSE manufacturing conditions, and then pull your head out of your ass and stop emailing us about whatever social cause happened to appear on your facebook feed this morning. You're worse than vegans.