Help Please?


Savage love? Down the hall, first door, make a left.
Tapioca pudding orgy, then weeks of bitter recriminations.
Thank you you not typing "fuck". I know what it is so I got the point, but I would have been really offended if I had to see the entire word "fuck" typed out.
Let it go. Dating established friends it usually bad news.
Have you ever read any of the comments from these posts? If help is what you're looking for, you came to the WRONG place.

Honestly, it sounds like you're looking for advice on how to have your cake, eat it, and fuck it too. If you want to complicate your own life, don't enlist other people's help.
Her goal was to tell them.
I'd just about bet my life they read IANONs here.
This is confusing and way too complicated to advise.
You've "fallen in love" with your two best friends while still in a relationship with someone else you "really do like"?

You might be confusing 'love' with 'unbridled lust' and/or 'unchecked infatuation' and/or 'pan-horniness'...

Should you tell one or all of them? Nah, just keep on lying to them all about your true feelings and intentions. Telling the truth (and respecting others' emotions) is so overrated -- no one wants that sh**.
Have you s*** any of their c***s yet? This is important.
A true nerd would make all three of them compete in a MtG draft tournament and claim the winner for herself.

Unless the winner used a black deck. Guys who use black decks are dicks.
Your'e on your own own on this one lady. Sometimes honesty isn't the best policy. Each one could get freaked and split or tell you to choose one. Maybe move them all in. Have fun on chilly nights playing hide the salami.
You're not that cute.