...I couldn't avoid it. It's like watching something gory or gross, and still having to look at it a little. They were a table away.

"You're so cute, you're so sweet, you're so funny," said the voted most popular in high school socialite girl to the flat-brimmed, backwards wearing ball cap, and pants below his waist slice of heaven.

"Yeah I was so hurt. He hurt me bad that night. He was standing on 3 stairs above me, looking down on me, and it was like he was talking down on me, you know what I mean. I went home and cried that night, I normally don't cry, but I cried hard that night. I was so over him, so I told him leave me alone. So I started flirting with other guys, and one guy wanted to dance with me, but I didn't want to dance with him. And my friend Eric, yeah, he came over that night too."

"You're so cute, you're so sweet, you're so funny."

I don't know what she is doing, and I don't know what he thinks will come from this, but it didn't bother him a tiny bit, because he leaned over the table 2 times to give her a kiss, after just eating food.

They were a match made in heaven though. She may be playing every boner in town, but he was playing it too. She paid, and she drove them away in her car.

I don't know which one of them I would aspire to be more like.