Junk in the Trunk


When my husband gets home tonight he is going to hear from me! He is out riding with his ipad. What a way to tell me.
So what's eating you Gilbert Grape?

According to my chart 5'2 170 lbs is exactly the ideal weight for a capybara
Hey, bones are not fun either.
Skinny is the "in" thing, and has always been, especially in a "hip" town, but curves have been gaining its respect. I have never found bones attractive even just a little.
The international alpha call is when you place your shirt over your gut and you pat it a couple of times. Consider yourself lucky.
Curvy historically: Ample bosom, trim waist, ample hips.

"Curvy" in modern use: A chick who eats too much and is allergic to exercise (see also poor dietary choices).
Dude--just close your eyes and call her your sweet chunky monkey. That might work.
Anon you must be honest with her. Regardless of what society tells us we should say, looks do matter and fat isn't sexy (to most people). You shouldn't feel guilt tripped into staying silent as she balloons up.
If there is a bright side, at least you're not married. I heard divorces are expensive.
I know this will sound shallow, but it's really a question of whether you're willing to live a life devoid of sexual satisfaction. If you're older and the equipment is nearing decommission, that's one thing. But, if you're anywhere near your prime, you're depriving yourself of a huge part of your own humanity.

If you love her, you have to tell her. She may hate you for it, but she'll either begin to work on herself, or make it very clear that no changes will be forthcoming. Either way, you'll be able to make an informed decision of what to do next.

The same goes for dudes that balloon up after they get comfortable. If the woman is decent and keeps herself in good shape, then the dude needs to step up his game as well or risk getting kicked to the curb.
Had a girlfriend who quit taking care of herself as well. She was fine with looking that way, I was not. I'd try to get her to come jogging, riding, hiking or even a simple walk with me. Nothing. I told her I was concerned, she said don't worry about it. I eventually confessed that I was no longer attracted to her in her current state. She accused me of wanting to fuck skinny bitches.
No darling, I only have eyes for you (aloud).

But, that's only because I can't see around you (internal).
Come clean bro. It's the adult thing to do. If there is a commitment to making things work a compromise can be struck. If she flips it, or accuses you of 'want to f*ck skinny b*tches', maybe she's not ready to address her insecurities and/or maybe you two aren't actually meant to be sexual lovers.
Fake, obvious troll post for body-image hand-wringing. Y'all took the bait, so sad.
You've been brainwashed into liking small butts. Rewire your brain.
I mean, it DOES sound like you want to fuck skinny bitches. Everyone has their tastes, but it is what it is.
Is there no happy medium anymore? If you aren't overweight or obese you are a "skinny bitch"? What happened to the people who fall in between these polar extremes?

Those people still exist.
It's a defense mechanism to say if you don't like fat girls then you love "skinny bitches". I agree, where is the happy medium? You know, where most people exist? I don't (physically) like anyone too fat *or* too skinny. I like healthy.
Big asses can be very attractive. It's my favorite part about running. Just tell her that you like big asses, but not big guts or flabby arms.
I'm so fat I have more than 3 guts, I don't care (for now.)
Trying being honest with her. Does she have medical problems? Can't exercise? Just be honest, not hurtful
Why do straight relationships go on long past their breaking point? You have numbers on your side. Gay guys will break up for reasons that make Seinfeld seem shallow (I exclude lesbians here).
I was ready to slam you until I read the comments. There's some great advice coming in. My first thought was, who is this athletic Adonis, bitching about not getting his nut because his girl doesn't have a Rihanna butt anymore. One question have you asked her to go bike riding with you? If your'e not a good team anymore, have the "it's not you it's me talk" and you both can get on with your lives. A long loving relationship overcomes strife, injury and sickness. At the very bottom of that list would be a bigger butt.
Just don't sit on it.
Blows Duking -- 5'2" and 170 isn't chubby, its obese and sad. :( Btw, gang, it doesn't mean he wants to "f*ck skinny bitches". All we know is it means he doesn't want to f*ck obese ones.
Just a few more posts and we'll change I,A's mind! Really, I'm serious he's like sooooo close to reconsidering!!
A gain of 15lbs is cause for discussion.

50lbs and you're going to be waiting a two years until she gets thin and decides she doesn't like you that much anyway.
Ryan Thompson is an expert on weight, skinniness, and chubbiness.

How do you know 5'2" and 170 is obese? Says who? You? It is in fact chubby for sure. 5'2" and 170 can be healthy as 5'5" and 145. Have you seen any fullbacks in football that could knock you down in a second, and run circles around your narrow minded views?
Of course! Because every female who is 5'2" and weighs 170lbs is that heavy because they are bodybuilders and only have 4% body fat. Every single one.

Shut it.
Thanks for the advice experts.

You know the whole story from this posting. I'll take my advice from Dr. Phil over having to listen to you.
5'2" and 170 is obese. you are right. Obese. Obese. So what is 5'2" and 160?

Height: 5 feet, 2 inches
Weight: 170 pounds

Your BMI is 31.1, indicating your weight is in the Obese category for adults of your height.

For your height, a normal weight range would be from 101 to 136 pounds.
Lol white guys
@justified - totally! :-) Look, if you don't like the way she looks, do you both a favor and hit the road on your little cycle. She deserves better than resentful sex. But don't get on here and try to get all of society to agree with you that she's obviously SO gross that naturally, you're in the right. There will be plenty of guys out there less brainwashed than you.
1. End it with the girlfriend.
2. People who post shit like should not be in relationships. You've displayed a sincere inability to communicate your needs to your partner. You're not ready to be a boyfriend, champ. Do some maturing, learn how to communicate more directly and then, when you've reached the point where you can express yourself to the people in your life vs ranting on The Merc, jump back in the dating game.
HUman in training - read the part of that website where it says the BMI scale is NOT a diagnostic tool and doesn't actually determine one's health.

It's actually intended as a tool for studying large populations, but is used on individuals because accurate measures of body fat cost money.
@ FWtbt:

I never said anything about health; I was just trying to help define 'obese' in response to some of the quibbling here over what constitutes such a label, namely this line: "How do you know 5'2" and 170 is obese? Says who?"

Obviously there are several other factors besides body mass that come into play when determining one's overall health -- no dispute there. C'mon, you know me better than that.
I do like to think that your training as a human has progressed beyond than that. I just know that a lot of people still accept the BMI scale at face value, though it's been widely contested and debunked as a tool for use on individuals. In fact, according to some BMI scales, I'm anorexic, despite having good body image and a tendency to eat like a race horse.
You're getting me all hot and bothered talking like that. You already had me with your dirty tongue and the fact that you usually construct grammatically correct sentences, but now I'm really sold -- I've always had a thing for CDC-certified anorexics with good self esteem and gluttonous appetites.

What's your credit rating? Any mental health issues in your family history? Can you roll a proper joint? Which side of the bed do you prefer? Call me.
No joint. I roll HIGHly proper spliffs.

I don't know about my family, but I get terrible crowd anxiety, possibly due to the spliffs....
I'll fuck her.
You should try men, most of them have small asses.