The seats on the bus are wide open. The movie theater is practically empty. In this case, the deli is almost clear of traffic, and table space is abundant. But you just have to sit at the table right next to me, less than 2 feet away. Not just you, but with your daughter too. I don't want to share my world with you right now. I don't to hear your daughter chewing her fucking corn dog, and hear the both of you talking about your stupid fucking corn dogs. I don't want to feel your daughter looking at me from the corner of my eye. Sure any other day, let's talk about the history of cheese, and the fermentation of bread. And you know when the food is gone, this little monster is going to start running and walking around, and touching every fucking thing in site, while you, the parent, just watch it all go down, with the other half of another fucking corn dog in your mouth. I have half the mind to shove that corn dog down your throat, and pick your daughter up by her hoodie, and hang her on the coat rack.