You are fairly new to the building. But you have lived here long enough to be hyper-aware that in our very old building the walls and floors are paper thin. I can hear the people across the hall sneeze. I can hear the guy in the bathroom next to mine clear his throat. We are all aware of this fact and try to keep it quiet after a certain time of night because it is the neighborly thing to do. You seem to really like to get your f**k on at 3 am. Sometimes 4am. And you like to be loud about it. I do not enjoy being woken up from a dead sleep to your moans. I heard someone - possibly the unfortunate soul who lives on the other side of your wall and bed - hit the wall and that seemed to shut you up. At least for this time. Hey, I'm all for people getting laid but if you must do it in the middle of the night, be respectful of the rest of us that have a day job and shut the f**k up! Put a pillow over your face! Mix it up - do it at night and turn some music on! I would much rather overhear some Al Green than your awkward attempts at porn star sex sounds. Thanks!