Location: PSU campus, at a crosswalk.

You-Black-clothed, sporty, PSU student wearing a futuristic, neon-orange, foam cast on your arm.

You hollered past me at the homeless man standing on the side of the road, holding a cardboard sign. "Hey Jimmy!"

Jimmy and I met eyes. He thought it was me calling out to him, but as I quickly turn my glance, he realized you were the one who said it. "How do you know my name?" he asks you.

You- "My friends and I met you the other night when we were out here. Do you want something to eat? Do you want a burger? Come on, let's go get you a burger!"

Jimmy, "Yeah, I'd love a burger, any kind of burger, with fries or something. I'll go and bring it to my wife."

You- "Do YOU also want a burger. I'll get a burger and fries for both you and your wife. You can order whatever you want." And off you two went to the burger window.

Me- Caught in the middle of this amazing and rare experience, feeling inspired to do the same thing.
Thank you.