FUCK DUDE on a bike... SORRY. I almost HIT you at that 4-way stop. Frankly as a bicyclist as well as a car owner, I'm very aware of bikers and take care to watch out for them. I even drive with my lights on during the day so I'm more visible- so I'm gonna take responsibility for my part in almost taking you out.

NOW That said, Seriously— WTF? It's POURING RAIN, getting dark, and you're wearing gray and black and have NO FUCKING LIGHTS on your bike. I didn't SEE you because when I looked, YOU BLENDED IN TO THE DARK CAR crossing the intersection opposite of you. (Pretty sure it was MY TURN bud) so PLEASE don't give ME the stinkeye because YOU aren't even looking out for yourself. That helmet isn't going to do you much good when you flattened like a pizza. Here's an idea, check your attitude and GET SOME FUCKING LIGHTS so you don't ruin BOTH of our days.

P.S. A little down the road, a gave a virtual hi-five to the dude in neon, reflective rain gear with flashing lights. I saw him from almost a block away.