First, that is a Randy Newman song.

Second, no one does anything just to be kind for the sake of being kind, anymore.
And maybe it never was.
And if it happens, it is rare.
Without expecting anything in return. "He paid last time, so I'll get it this time." "yeah, honey, you answered me 'yes dear' all day today, so I'll suck you off."
And I'm not even talking about that kind of kindness, if you even consider that kindness.
When was the last time you bought a card for your mom, or someone ill, just to write I'm thinking about you? And I care about you?
I saw a show where the son planned and paid for a day for his mom to get every kind of "cured."
And spa and massage treatment, and then some, and had ordered replicas of furniture to stage a first date with her husband.
Showbiz, I know, but who shows their appreciation like that?
When is your face out of the phone, or facebook, or game, or tv to just go do something fun and nice with a friend or loved one.
Or random acts of kindness.

I'm very ENTITLED to write this.