Yes, most of us (men) are idiots, but even the simplest minded of our group can see through most of your charades. When you take a photo of yourself from above, with you staring longingly into the camera, what this means is that you're attempting to hide your weight. A shot taken from above gives the illusion of thinness which I'm certain is your goal, but you're not fooling anyone. Taking a photo with a group of friends might incline one to identify exactly which one they are, but no. Inevitably and without fail, you are the least "hot" one in the bunch. Why on earth you'd post a photo of yourself with a "hot" friend or friends is beyond me. Having no photo at all under the guise of remaining "anonymous" or "mysterious" is just a flat out lie. Two reasons why one would choose to not have a photo: 1. You're overweight and you know it. 2. You're unattractive and you know it. Over and over and over again, the same behavior from different individuals on online dating sites. It's getting old; all the lies. LIES, I SAY! And yes, we men are likely more annoying and idiotic with our profiles, but don't you also see through the bullshit? Of course you do, just like we see through yours. We're all just swimming in a sea shit looking for love. Let's collectively wipe it off our faces, look up at the long forgotten sunlight of honesty, and embrace our flaws and our differences. After a shower, of course, you know, because of all the shit we've been swimming in.